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English Lesson Plan : Countable and Uncountable Nouns Class/Level: beginner

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Posted 20 May 2007 - 11:03 AM

Title of the Lesson: Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Class/Level: beginner
Time: 50 minutes
Aims: - to be able to distinguish the countable from the uncountable
- to be able to use them in a correct way, with the suitable verb
form (in plural or in singular)
- to be aware that uncountable noun can too be used with a verb in
the singular by means of some words: an item, a piece.

Aids: Grammar book, blackboard, handouts.
Anticipated Problems: some of the pupils may already be familiar with the structures as well as their usage in language from private classes and should therefore treated differently, should be kept motivated at all times.
Introduction: - T introduces herself, she writes her name on the blackboard
(5 minutes) - T establishes a familiar atmosphere by asking the pupils to introduce
themselves in turns in order to get acquainted with each other and so
that she might call them by their names.
- T asks them about homework
Lead-in: - The pupils are asked to give the teacher an example of a noun in the
(5 minutes) singular and its form in the plural
- T listens to several examples from different pupils
Elicitation: - T writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard
(10 min) - T asks the students to read what she has written on the blackboard
- T asks them if they know what the words on the blackboard mean
- T asks them to give examples of countable nouns in English
- T asks them to give examples of uncountable nouns in English(in
case they are not able to do so, she asks them to give examples in
Presentation: - T asks them to read the explanations given in the grammar book
(10 min) - Each pupil is asked to read, translate and try to explain a passage
from the textbook, referring to uncountable nouns classified and
- T helps translate and explains the new notions in English and then in
Romanian to make sure the pupils understand.
- T completes the explanations in the textbook with examples of
uncountable nouns and sentences in which she uses uncountable
nouns with verbs in the plural and with verbs in the singular.
Practice: - T then gives the pupils handouts with different images representing
(5min) uncountable nouns and asks them to fill in the blanks under each
picture with the suitable noun form.(e.g. a piece of furniture, an item of clothing)
Production: - T asks Ps to write a small composition in which to use the words:
(15min) furniture, advice, knowledge, trousers, glasses, coffee, milk in the
plural form.

Post Lesson Reflections

- Most of the information has been correctly understood and used in the pupilsí
Compositions in the production stage, the objectives have been achieved for the
Most part
- Using handouts is very helpful because it offers a break from the usual
Traditional textbook and it makes them get involved in the exercises, Ps
Considering it a challenge more than the exercises in the textbook as one.

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