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Famouswhy.com - Forum Rules And Guidelines You must read this!

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Post icon  Posted 29 July 2006 - 09:34 AM

FamousWhy.com - Forum Rules and Guidelines :

FamousWhy.com - Forum welcomes you to the discussion board.

You agree not to use FamousWhy.com - Forum in a way which is detrimental to others or their use of FamousWhy.com, including, but not limited to.

This forum is opened to any person over 16 years old. If posting in the forums, you must follow these guidelines and rules:

1. We do not tolerate SPAM :

- Do not post multiple text messages of exact the same message or content;
- Do not post web site addresses that do not relate to the topic of the forum;
- Do not start multiple threads on the same topic;
- Manage your words with other members and please adopt a polite manner.

2) No porn

You are not allowed to post pornographic messages or images on FamousWhy.com-Forum (forum.famouswhy.com). Some of our members are as young as 16 years old, so pornography, or links to sites that contain pornography, are not permitted in this forum.

3. Do Not Use Our Forum as a Mean to Get Free Advertising :

You may post a link to your sites in your forum profile or signature. However, if you link to your site in the forum we would appreciate a reciprocal link to FamousWhy.com or Forum.Famouswhy.com on your site. If it appears that you are posting simply to advertise your website we will email you about this. If you continue to use our forum for free advertising and not discussion we will deactivate your account. Questions about this can be directed to the moderators.

4. Posting Rules :

a ) When posting please make sure that your thread will be original and not something that someone else already started before you. Dedicated threads may not be started for models and actors/actresses of the pornographic industry and nude magazines.

b ) The FamousWhy.com - Forum is open to the public in the sense anyone can read it's content. However, posting messages is a privilege that is granted to everyone as long as you follow the rules.
If you break the rules your messages will be deleted and your posting privileges may be revoked, that privilege will be revoked by the moderator or moderators. English is the official language of the FamousWhy.com - Forum(forum.famouswhy.com).
If you post messages to the forum in any language other than English they will probably be deleted

c ) No personal insults, attacks, or harassment of forum members
You are free to disagree with others, but if you stoop to personal abuse or attacks, your post(s) will be deleted. If you ARE insulted please report the post to a moderator or administrator, but DO NOT retaliate.

d ) No trolling
"Trolling" includes impersonating someone else (eg, claiming to be a famous person, using another person's photo and telling people it is you), baiting forum members, or engaging in activities which serve no purpose other than to disrupt the forum.

e ) No multiple accounts
You are not allowed to use multiple accounts for posting on FamousWhy.com - Forum (forum.famouswhy.com). Members found to be using multiple accounts will be banned. If you forget your password, click "Help" at the upper right of the Forum page then click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

f ) No hate speech
Insults or slurs based on gender, race, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

5) Limits for avatars and signatures
Avatars must be no larger than 150 x 150 pixels. Avatars uploaded from your computer must be no larger than 25 Kb.

6) Signatures must be no larger than 560 pixel width and 150 pixel height.
The listed maximum applies to the entire signature as a whole, even if you have multiple images within your signature. In other words, these dimensions are the combined total maximum.

7) Use of Posted Information

You agree that if you post material to a public part of FamousWhy.com like forum.famouswhy.com, you automatically grant a license for FamousWhy to use, reproduce, modify, retransmit, or create derivative works from that material. This license is royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully sublicensable. You agree to waive your intellectual property rights to such materials.


FamousWhy.com - Forum (forum.famouswhy.com) will not be held liable for any offensive posts on the forums , ownership and liability lie with the person who originally posted the message or post. All posts and messages are the views of the author, not of FamousWhy.com - Forum. Nor will FamousWhy.com be held responsible for the content of any post or message.
Policies and Rules may be added to or changed at the discretion of FamousWhy.com

All members must follow the procedures and policies.

Thank you,
FamousWhy.com - Forum Team

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